In 2020 our Christmas Tree Festival is virtual and can be accessed here: http://www.wombournechristmastreefestival.co.uk

This was first started by URC members in 2006 and featured 21 trees by local contributors. This is the 12th year and the festival would not be possible without tireless and enthusiastic volunteers, not all from Wombourne but all willing
The festival has a free admission policy but donations are welcomed; refreshments are available at a small cost and all resulting money is sent to a local charity.
Refreshments are provided by willing bakers, some from within Church and others people who support the festival; Sainsbury’s supported the 2015 festival by providing squash and biscuits for schools’ day.
Chris  & Doreen Dawe took it on in 2007 as they had the time. More contributors have taken part each year, displaying ever more inventive decorations (3  ways are suggested: traditional, reflecting the organisation, or following the year’s theme).
In 2007, inspired by St Peter’s Church ‘Open Door’ days, it was decided to invite every Wombourne school to an activity session. Each primary school was invited to send a year group, with Ounsdale students in stewarding/helping roles. Activities offered to schools are all Christmas tree linked. The pupils have made a variety of decorations over the years: fresh flower table decorations, card 3D trees, pipe cleaner tree decorations, folded paper trees, doily trees, etc.
In 2012 the festival incorporated a live music morning, which started small, has grown and now extends into the afternoon: it features choirs (Churches and secular), a folk group, music school students, individual performers, etc.
The festival has now grown to accommodate more than 50 trees, a challenge to fit in but very heartening. Some trees feature hand-made decorations, including the Churches Together tree, some commercial and some very inventive made from natural materials.
Previous years’ charities include: Wings, High Flyers, Russell’s Hall premature baby unit, Wombourne Volunteer Bureau, Orton Meadows.
The festival is publicised through posters, Wombourne Online, Facebook, the Wombourne Directory and Church magazines
• ‘I’ve been bringing my daughter to Brownies for years but I never realised that the Church was attached to the hall!’
• ‘Has my mother come in here? Oh yes, I can see her – is it okay though? She’s Catholic…’
• A lady sitting by the Memory tree : ‘I’ll just sit here and remember my mother – I’ll come back and look at the trees tomorrow’
• ‘I’ve lived in this village for 35 years but I’ve never been in here before.’
For more information contact Chris and Doreen Dawe at [email protected]