Thursday Prayers at Swindon URC

A small group meet to pray for those on our Pastorate Prayer List on Thursdays at 10.00 am in the Church.

The Prayers are led by some of the members on a rota system. They choose their own theme and include a bible reading, an article that they have read, a particular concern related to the current news situation, a story related to their own experience, a hymn and related prayers.

The half hour includes the reading of our Pastorate Prayer List which has the names of members, friends and others who have been suggested as needing our prayers. There is a list from each of our churches in the Pastorate. It also includes the baptismal families, whom we committed as a congregation to pray for when they were baptised and the members of Messy Church.

At 10.30 we start serving coffee/tea and anyone is welcome to drop in for a drink and very informal chat.