Our monthly coffee mornings started approximately 4 years ago and are held on the first Saturday of each month, apart from

January and November from 10.00 a.m. until 12.00 noon.

They are always advertised in our monthly Church magazine and also a banner is erected outside the Church to let the community know that it is taking place.

The first morning that we opened we were surprised at the amount of people who attended, and following on from this we have never looked back as the numbers seem to increase each month, sometimes we never have enough tables or chairs, and once someone leaves there is always someone ready to take their seat. There is a wonderful atmosphere as some people may come a distance to meet up with friends who they may not see on a regular basis just to have a chat and a cup of coffee with. The outreach to the community itself has been tremendous and the fellowship and friendships that have been formed have been wonderful.


We do not charge a fee for the coffee and biscuits that we provide, but a large porcelain cupcake is placed near to where the coffee is served and if you wish to make a donation it can be put into the cupcake, there is no obligation to do this.


We also have a beautiful cake stall full of home made cakes which several of our ladies have baked, and a nominal charge is made for these. Sometimes we have home made preserves i.e. jams, marmalade etc., which can also be purchased at a very fair price.


Everyone is welcome to come along to our coffee mornings where a friendly greeting awaits them, and maybe there will be people there who they have not seen for a long time and friendships renewed once again, which has happened in many cases.