Baptisms, Weddings, and Funerals


As a group of churches, one of the highlights for us is conducting Baptisms. It is a delight to welcome new children into our church family and affirm their relationship with God. We make every effort to plan services that are special and welcoming please, Contact usbaptism


Weddings are conducted at all the three churches, please contact us,  we will get back to you and we can begin to plan your special day.  We will give you information about registering for your marriage, we will meet with you and plan the service as well as have a practice run through before the BIG DAY to calm the nerves. wedding


Funerals are a time of great sadness and if we can help you through this time we would be honoured. It is a time to grieve and know that God is with you in your sorrow. We would meet with you and plan a service of celebration of the life of your loved one, one that reflects the breadth and depth of your relationship. It would be a Christian funeral where we emphasise God’s unfailing love for all people. dark-candles

Please contact us