Introducing Stepwise

The link to the URC Stepwise website can be found here.

Welcome to Stepwise, the United Reformed Church’s intergenerational discipleship programme. From here you can read our leaflet to get an overview of what’s involved, and watch an introductory video. A collection of Frequently Asked Questions will explain more.

Stepwise will become available on a phased basis from September 2018, providing participants with a combination of learning opportunities through: a local group, one-to-one sessions with a mentor, project-based activities, and online materials. The programme is offered on a modular basis across five streams. The first, Faith-filled Life, is recommended as the starting point for everyone who signs up, whatever their background, and will take about three months to complete. Find out more about the five streams here.

Stepwise aims to deepen discipleship and encourage Christian confidence in today’s world, taking seriously the many and varied settings in which believers find themselves at work, at play and involved in community life.

Each stream will include optional assignments for participants who are taking the programme for recognition purposes by their congregation, Synod or the URC General Assembly. An internal validation system is currently being developed, with the intention that credit can be accumulated across the streams.

If you have comments or questions about Stepwise contact us at [email protected]